Srima (43°44' 47''N, 15°48'47''E) is a pitoresque tourist place in the Municipality of Vodice , in the Šibenik-Knin County, 3 km to the southeast of Vodice towards Jadrija. The oldest remains of the village date back to the prehistoric period. The ruins of the early Christian double church from the 6th century were found on the location of Prižba. Several early Christian graves and remaining architectonic fragments were found in the narthex of the church and in the surrounding area.

The place was founded in the Middle Ages, but during the period of Turkish agression, in the 16th century, the inhabitants found safety on the nearby island of Prvić, where they established the settlement of Šepurine. In the17th century, after the Turkish withdrawal, the inhabitants gradually returned to thier fertile land in Srima. North of Srima there is the Romanic church of Our Lady of Srima (Gospa Srimska) dating back to the 12th/13th century. The borders between Vodice and Srima have been erased due to intensive house building and tourism development. A great number of rooms and apartments have been arranged in the quality family houses along the coast, intended for domestic and foreign guests.

Srima is a pleasant and peaceful place, far from summer crowd, although its beautiful sandy beaches can be full of swimmers. Those wanting to have fun can enjoy a nightlife in Vodice. The reasons why many tourists come back each year are quite and peaceful holidays, and a wide variety of activities. There are numerous tourist attractions in the Šibenik-Knin County: city of Šibenik with its exceptional cultural monuments, National Park Krka, National Park Kornati, romantic islands of the Šibenik archipelago, as well as pitoresque small villages and towns full of Mediterranean charm along the Adriatic coast.